Friday, May 17, 2013

True or False? Laser Hair Removal Facts and Fiction

Laser hair removal is a wonderful way to rid yourself of unwanted body hair, but there are many myths floating around about this service. Denver laser hair removal helps people avoid waxing, plucking, and shaving which can take up a huge amount of time and energy. Having laser hair removal treatment done is a great way to free up more of your time, and start feeling more confident. No one wants to have to worry about stray hairs when they are putting on their bathing suit in the summer, and laser hair removal is a great way to "zap" those worries away.Laser hair removal can be done on just about any part of your body; however, not everyone is an ideal candidate for the procedure. In this article I provide a few of the top facts and fictions about the laser hair removal process.

FACTS About Laser Hair Removal
  •  Dark hair is the easiest hair to remove using laser hair removal. The lasers are able to target darker hair more easily that light, thin hair. Having lighter skin will also help increase the effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments. 
  • Results of laser hair removal treatments are typically seen after 6-8 sessions. One laser hair removal session will not permanently remove unwanted hair. 
  • Laser hair removal can be performed by a doctor, or an esthetician. Although regulations and laws vary from State to State, in most cases either professional is able to perform this
    procedure. If you are unsure about your state laws you can call the regulatory agency, or ask to see your laser hair removal technicians current license. 
  • Most people describe the procedure as feeling as though a rubber band is being snapped against their skin. All people react to the treatment differently and most laser hair removal providers will be able to apply a topical numbing cream if the procedure is causing you too much pain. 
  • You skin is more susceptible to sunburns after leaving a leaser hair removal treatment session. Make sure to always wear sunscreen and protect sensitive areas from the sunlight. 
MYTHS About Laser Hair Removal
  • You will not see results until years after treatment.Treatment results should only take about 4-5 treatments. Some smaller results can be seen after only 2-3 sessions.  
  • People with dark skin cannot have laser hair removal performed on them. This is untrue. Advances in laser technology have made it possible for most people to be good candidates for laser hair removal.
  • Laser hair removal is extremely expensive. Because of increased demand and gains in technology, the price of laser hair removal has dropped dramatically in the past 4 years. The cost of repetitive waxing over your life time will end up costing you far more than getting 6-8 laser hair removal sessions in a short amount of time. 
As with any salon or medical procedure, you will hear and learn different tips, tricks and myths from many sources, but make sure you take them with a grain of salt. Laser hair removal is a great option for many people, and if you are considering laser hair removal Denver salons can be a great resource for information.

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