Monday, May 20, 2013

Laser Hair Removal For Blonde Hair

When it comes to laser hair removal, many blonde haired people have had trouble finding a treatment location. Laser hair removal is a possible option for people with blonde hair, but not all salons will offer the service to these people. If you have blonde hair, you need to be aware that not every salon will have the technology that makes laser hair removal possible for you available. Newer lasers have better technology that target lighter colored hair.
The easiest patients to treat using Denver laser hair removal methods are pale-skinned dark haired people. With these patients the laser is able to really focus it's
energy on the dark hair and almost every laser can be used for treatment. All lasers can reduce hair growth temporarily. The only hair that cannot be treated using a laser is hair without pigmentation (gray hair). With older laser systems red and blonde haired people were unable to see much of a difference after laser hair removal sessions. In order to see the results most light color haired people would need to receive treatments 1-3 month intervals to obtain benefits.

New laser hair removal systems can adjust the light wavelengths depending on the patient's needs. Hair removal lasers are available in different temperatures and strengths. There are three main types of laser hair removal systems available on today's market.

  • The Nd:YAG Laser- This is a great laser for people with darker skin. Unlike the original Ruby Laser the Nd:Yag laser does not create intense pull between your skin color, or  pigmentation, and the heat created by the laser treatment. This laser uses a  longer wave length (1064 NM), the heat created by the laser has to go farther before hitting your skin and the hair follicles you are treating. Diffusion makes it easier to hone in on the follicles specifically.
  • The Alexandrite Laser- If you're a blonde, this laser is most likely the one used for you laser hair removal treatments.  It differs from the Nd: YAG Laser, because it creates a higher intensity wave so it can target lighter color hair like blonde, red and silver. The Alexandrite at 755nm is capable for treating hard to treat hair
  •  The Diode Laser- This laser is used in most laser hair removal sessions. It is most often used for people with light skin and dark coarse hair. The Diode provides the optimal balance between heat and intensity. 
If you are considering laser hair removal Denver salons can help you figure out if you are a good candidate for the treatment. If you have light colored hair or dark skin make sure that the laser facilities you are considering offer the NdYAG or Alexandrite laser. Most importantly visit a qualified laser hair removal specialist that has experience working your your skin or hair type.

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