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10 Things You Should Know About Laser Hair Removal

Tips From an Expert

I'm not an esthetician. I haven't had any formal training in performing laser hair removal (LHR). But I have been on the receiving end of LHR treatments many, many times. I've had most of my body lasered to some extent - face, neck, underarms, bikini, legs, and feet. I've received treatments from several different types of laser at several different spas. So from a consumer standpoint, I feel like I'm pretty close to an expert, and would like to share some advice.

There's no doubt for me that laser hair removal can be life changing. Yes, that sounds a little dramatic. But its true. For a woman like me - light skinned and dark haired, shaving was a huge part of my life. If I wanted to wear shorts during the day and a dress at night, I'd have to shave my legs in the morning and again in the evening. No joke. The hair was so dark that you could see it under my skin, even right after I shaved, and grew so fast that I literally got a five o'clock shadow. I never wore sleeveless blouses because of the dark shadow. I spent a half hour every singe day just shaving myself so I wouldn't look like a yeti.

Then came motherhood, and I started growing hair in new places that I'd never had to deal with before. Suddenly I was having to set my alarm to make sure I was out of bed before my husband so that I'd have time to check my chin and neck for stray hairs before he saw me. I went to the doctor, had my hormone levels checked, and everything was seemingly fine. But the situation, which had been a complete pain before my son was born suddenly became much worse. I knew I had to do something. So 10 years ago I had my first laser hair removal treatment - and my life has been unimaginably better.

#1 - Shop Around for Price
For those considering laser hair removal for the first time, this is by far the most important piece of advice I can impart. Prices vary widely depending on where you go for treatment. And though most spas won't advertise this, the truth is that the price is almost always negotiable, especially if you go in armed with the knowledge of how much it will cost elsewhere. Unfortunately, a lot of places won't quote prices over the phone, but almost all offer a free consultation.

Plus, pricing structures vary as well. While one spa may charge $100 per session for treatment of lower legs, another spa may charge $1,000 for six treatments of lower legs, but offer a guarantee that lets you get as many additional treatments as you need in that area free or at a reduced price for a certain length of time. In the long run, the second option may turn out to be the better price. When I was having my lower legs done, it took fourteen sessions before I was smooth because I started out with extremely coarse, dark hair.

One thing to keep in mind though, if the clinic you've decided on only sells in packages, then there's probably a contract involved, and payment required up front. If you've never had any laser hair removal and are unsure about your tolerance, ask for a free test patch of the area to be treated before signing your contract. If they won't do it, consider another clinic for your treatments, or at the very least, find one that will do a single treatment without the purchase of a package. It will be much better to spend $50 or $100 and find out that you can't tolerate the treatment, than to spend a non-refundable $1,000-1,500 and find out.

#2 - Make Sure Your Clinic is Using the Right Laser(Price is Important but Shouldn't be Your Only Consideration)

It's an unfortunate fact that smaller clinics, or spas that only do LHR as a sidebar to other services may only have one laser machine. Which means that it may very well not be the type of machine that is recommended for your particular skin and hair color.

So before paying anything or signing any contracts, ask about their machines and make sure that what they have is the right one for you. Don't let anyone talk you into having your services performed using the wrong machine. After all, if they have only one type of device, chance are they're going to bill it as good for all skin and hair types, which is extremely unlikely. Women with darker skin or lighter hair must be especially aware of the type of laser that will be used on them.

Keep in mind too, that there's not a laser on the market that will work on pale grey or white hair. So if you're considering laser and starting to go grey in those areas, get your LHR done soon! And if you're already there...electrolysis is really your best bet.

#3 - Check Out the Online Reviews of Your Local Spas/Clinics
Most people who take the time to review a service such as laser hair removal do so because they're unhappy with the service they're received. So when looking at online review sites you're probably only going to see the Bad and the Ugly. Because happy people don't leave reviews as often. So its difficult to get a really good idea of which are the best spas and clinics, when only the worst are being reviewed.

But even bad reviews can be helpful. If you see 10 reviews and each person is complaining about something different, chances are that a lot of them simply make a bad decision about the spa they chose. I was reading a review the other day for a local LHR clinic, and the woman writing the review had just had the area waxed that she planned to have lasered. From her review, it was obvious that she knew laser wouldn't be effective after waxing, but she chose to do it anyway, and then blamed the clinic. To some extent, there's an amount of personal responsibility that needs to be exercised, so that type of review just doesn't worry me.

What sets my radar off is seeing the same recurring theme in complaints, such as repeated use of the wrong laser, or multiple people reporting unsuccessful treatments over an extended period of time.

So do find out as much as you can about your LHR clinic. But read the reviews with an educated eye. And don't be afraid to call the clinic, ask for a manager, and discuss your concerns.

Necessary Precautions to Consider Before Undergoing Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular treatment used to address many aesthetic problems for both men and women. This procedure provides many people with an effective method of hair removal that can rid your body of unwanted hair. Both women and men find the results enhance their life giving them more confidence. Many people who use laser hair removal are huge proponents because it frees them from daily shaving or weekly waxing. Although the price of laser hair removal was very high not too long ago, now prices have dropped dramatically partly because of the high demand for the procedure. Laser hair removal is now actually more cost effective solution for many people wanting to rid themselves of unwanted body hair.

Hair removal laser treatments work by using lasers that produce light energy that damages the hair follicle to help slow hair growth. Laser hair removal providers recommend that you prepare yourself for several treatment sessions that span over the course of a year or more. Most treatment sessions will have a gap of about 6-8 weeks in between them. Although total permanent hair removal is nearly impossible, after several treatments you will see a real reduction in new hair growth. Although laser hair removal is a great option for most people looking to reduce or eliminate new hair growth on their body, you need to understand that there are important precautions that you should take before signing up for your first procedure. Following proper precautions will help prevent disappointing complications.

First you need to understand that this treatment is most effective for people with dark hair and light skin. Although there have been many advancements in laser technology the best results of laser hair removal treatments are still found in people with these features. If you are light haired it is difficult for the laser to target the hair follicles against our skin. Some doctors and laser hair removal technicians recommend sing sunblock four weeks prior to your treatment appointment. Reducing your exposure to the sun will lessen skin pigmentation making it easier to get the best results from treatments.

Waxing and plucking the hair in a treatment area should be avoided for a month before the treatment. Shaving and trimming do not need to be avoided, and you can also use a depilatory cream as long as it is at least a week before the procedure date. One of the possible risks of this treatment is darkening of the skin. For some people laser treatment can cause the skin to lighten in color. Typically the pigment change is temporary. Scarring and blistering may occur immediately after the procedure, should be gone within a week.

It is not necessary to visit a doctor to have laser hair removal performed. Many spas and hair removal centers offer this procedure and as long as they are clean and licensed, the results should be the same. If you are unsure if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal, you can schedule a consultation with a doctor or laser hair removal technician.

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Laser Hair Removal For Male Facial Hair

Shaving your beard every day is not only time consuming it can be really painful. Many men who shave regularly suffer from the effects of ingrown hairs and razor burn. Even with the rise of the hipster beard, most men feel more comfortable and presentable presenting themselves with a clean shaven face. To keep a clean appearance, though their skin needs to be free of the bumps and redness that come along with shaving daily. Although many men do not consider other options, there are many available to them.

Laser hair removal Denver salons have seen more and more men coming in for treatments on their facial hair and beards.   It is a very effective treatment that is fairly inexpensive and quick. The results of several laser hair removal treatments will be long lasting and allow you more free time to do thing things you love not the things you dread.Whether you keep a goatee, mustache, just want to shave less or no facial hair at all, laser hair removal is a great option to remove unwanted facial hair.

Below you'll see a clip from the TV show The Doctors which features information about Performing Laser hair removal on a man's facial hair. 

Home Hair Removal Made Easy

Inspire confidence with smooth skin

According to a recent consumer study, 69% of people feel more confident when they remove body hair. Traditional shaving and trimming, however, is all too often associated with irritated skin, unsightly stubble and results that don't last that long. Thanks to a breakthrough from beauty and grooming expert Remington - sponsors of the MH Cover Model 2011 competition - hair removal in the comfort of your own home is easier, faster, more effective and longer lasting than ever.

Developed in association with a leading dermatologist, the i-LIGHT is the essential grooming tool for aspiring Cover Models - both male and female. The unisex hand-held device uses IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) technology, the same that you will find in a professional salon. It's far more comfortable than laser hair removal, and it's also safer and cheaper. To use, simply shave the hair in the normal way, switch on the i-LIGHT and select the correct level suited to your skin. Then, place the device on clean dry skin, moving to a new area everytime it flashes. Simple. The i-LIGHT is a world first in hair-removal technology, responding to the needs of your skin and flashing every two seconds, rather than the six seconds of some other models.
The iLIGHT is fast, painless and gives results that last up to 12 weeks. So share the cost with your other half and you can both be more confident together.

How the i-LIGHT works

Dr Jeffrey Dover, a leading US-based skincare physician, explains how the revolutionary Remington hair removal system works: “The iLIGHT emits light energy, which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicle below the skin’s surface. The energy stuns the follicle and suppresses re-growth to leave skin soft, smooth and hair free for up to three months.”

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Look Beautiful In No Time At All

What exactly are your own personal concepts with magnificence? Does one check out all you could can certainly regarding these individuals after which it seek to improve your individual actual physical magnificence? You'll find a lot of resources accessible, one example is periodicals, video lessons, books and also exhibits. Where by could you begin with your own personal strategy? Try out dealing with the following tips to uncover your starting level.

A very good idea when this calls for magnificence will be to not past due the particular cosmetics. Frequently occasions beginners contain a interest make use of an excessive amount be construed as and for that reason produce by themselves appear even worse. Use cosmetics somewhat, and you may come across you will end up rotating males brain where ever people go.

Visit a concealer color scheme that join 2 diverse colors regarding concealer. This kind of means that you can undoubtedly combination a new splendidly personal color that will melt properly in your pores and skin. Use modest dabbing and also patting exercises make use of the particular concealer more than red-colored areas, broken capillary yachts, after which it any other signifies as well as tarnished areas.

Placed Vaseline with your eyebrows before heading to help rest. It's going to cause them to appear bright and also nutritious. Be aware never to distribute Vaseline elsewhere with your encounter to counteract acne breakouts episodes.

Hair color really should effect that makeup colorings appear the top people. As an example, in case you are a new brunette, make use of a dim mahogany shadow look. You can use eyebrow combs to fill in sparse eyebrows, thiken your upper lash series, as well as cover gray beginnings with your hairline.

You need to use locks items which get warmth protectants in the individual, particularly if you are using locks hairdryers as well as being different golf irons on a regular basis. With like instruments everyday damages locks. Using locks items which get warmth protectants can help to get rid of how much damage your home devices stimulate to help locks so that it is appear bright, way too.

Start using a brow gel to help encourage progress within sparse vision eyebrows. Regardless of whether you have effortlessly sparse eyebrows as well as received a little overzealous while using forceps, a new brow gel may help grow locks again. Seek out the one that possesses additional protein. In the mean time, utilize artificial additives to help color the particular skeletal areas.

Avoid licking your lips. Whenever you continually riff your lips, as opposed to turn into succulent, many people actually tail off. Try out carrying a new top balm as well as shine with your budget as well as wallet, and also work with it after you look like accomplishing a certain amount of licking. You can come across your lips within stunning issue.

Use peroxide intended for halting yellowed fingernails. Nothing is stunning regarding yellowing fingernails. To fix this issue, bathe natural cotton within peroxide after which you can remove each claw for several swings. Let your catch lay on your fingernails for just about any short while. Wash it out your fingernails, and also enjoy the possible lack of discolored color.

Laser Hair Removal

Produce an possibly, normal searching bottle of spray color by trading a little while arranging the epidermis prior to while using goods. For top level final results, do not shave as well as utilize any varieties of laser hair removal every day you wish to color. Exfoliating the epidermis for some days before hand will assist you attain ability free of charge final results.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Laser Hair Removal For Blonde Hair

When it comes to laser hair removal, many blonde haired people have had trouble finding a treatment location. Laser hair removal is a possible option for people with blonde hair, but not all salons will offer the service to these people. If you have blonde hair, you need to be aware that not every salon will have the technology that makes laser hair removal possible for you available. Newer lasers have better technology that target lighter colored hair.
The easiest patients to treat using Denver laser hair removal methods are pale-skinned dark haired people. With these patients the laser is able to really focus it's
energy on the dark hair and almost every laser can be used for treatment. All lasers can reduce hair growth temporarily. The only hair that cannot be treated using a laser is hair without pigmentation (gray hair). With older laser systems red and blonde haired people were unable to see much of a difference after laser hair removal sessions. In order to see the results most light color haired people would need to receive treatments 1-3 month intervals to obtain benefits.

New laser hair removal systems can adjust the light wavelengths depending on the patient's needs. Hair removal lasers are available in different temperatures and strengths. There are three main types of laser hair removal systems available on today's market.

Friday, May 17, 2013

True or False? Laser Hair Removal Facts and Fiction

Laser hair removal is a wonderful way to rid yourself of unwanted body hair, but there are many myths floating around about this service. Denver laser hair removal helps people avoid waxing, plucking, and shaving which can take up a huge amount of time and energy. Having laser hair removal treatment done is a great way to free up more of your time, and start feeling more confident. No one wants to have to worry about stray hairs when they are putting on their bathing suit in the summer, and laser hair removal is a great way to "zap" those worries away.Laser hair removal can be done on just about any part of your body; however, not everyone is an ideal candidate for the procedure. In this article I provide a few of the top facts and fictions about the laser hair removal process.

FACTS About Laser Hair Removal
  •  Dark hair is the easiest hair to remove using laser hair removal. The lasers are able to target darker hair more easily that light, thin hair. Having lighter skin will also help increase the effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments. 
  • Results of laser hair removal treatments are typically seen after 6-8 sessions. One laser hair removal session will not permanently remove unwanted hair. 
  • Laser hair removal can be performed by a doctor, or an esthetician. Although regulations and laws vary from State to State, in most cases either professional is able to perform this
    procedure. If you are unsure about your state laws you can call the regulatory agency, or ask to see your laser hair removal technicians current license. 
  • Most people describe the procedure as feeling as though a rubber band is being snapped against their skin. All people react to the treatment differently and most laser hair removal providers will be able to apply a topical numbing cream if the procedure is causing you too much pain. 
  • You skin is more susceptible to sunburns after leaving a leaser hair removal treatment session. Make sure to always wear sunscreen and protect sensitive areas from the sunlight.