Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Laser Hair Removal For Male Facial Hair

Shaving your beard every day is not only time consuming it can be really painful. Many men who shave regularly suffer from the effects of ingrown hairs and razor burn. Even with the rise of the hipster beard, most men feel more comfortable and presentable presenting themselves with a clean shaven face. To keep a clean appearance, though their skin needs to be free of the bumps and redness that come along with shaving daily. Although many men do not consider other options, there are many available to them.

Laser hair removal Denver salons have seen more and more men coming in for treatments on their facial hair and beards.   It is a very effective treatment that is fairly inexpensive and quick. The results of several laser hair removal treatments will be long lasting and allow you more free time to do thing things you love not the things you dread.Whether you keep a goatee, mustache, just want to shave less or no facial hair at all, laser hair removal is a great option to remove unwanted facial hair.

Below you'll see a clip from the TV show The Doctors which features information about Performing Laser hair removal on a man's facial hair. 

The best candidates for laser hair removal have dark colored hair and lighter skin, but dark skinned men can also receive treatment if the facility has the correct type of laser technology. The lasers used for laser hair removal treatments focus light energy on the dark hair follicles damaging them and reducing re-growth. The treatments for beard removal are very quick usually lasting about 25 minutes. The process is not painless, but the pain is not unbearable. If you have sensitive skin, the laser technician should be able to reduce the pain by putting a topical anesthetic on your skin before beginning the treatment.

Pricing of beard laser hair removal will vary depending on the laser facility you choose and how dense your facial hair grows. It is best to get consultations at several facilities to see what the best option is for your skin and hair type.


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