Thursday, May 16, 2013

Secondary Benefits To Laser Hair Removal

I have a friend who shaves very rarely because he insists that his skin is too sensitive for it. Razor bumps and irritable rashes of his skin are commonplace following a shave. So what he has decided to do is shave his face no more than once a month. It's not that he wishes to keep his beard, it's that he feels he has been given no choice in the matter.
During the course of that month, he does his best to groom himself by taking scissors to the miscellaneous hairs that seem to poke out and make his beard look a bit messy. He often complains that he can't understand why his hair does this. After all, if all of the hairs were shaved away at the same time, shouldn't they all grow back at pretty much the same rate?
Apparently, this isn't exactly the case. Hairs don't always grow at the same rate and this often causes the unkempt look that my friend tries so hard to avoid. Most often, hair follicles unleash their hairs in staggered cycles. In other words, not all hairs grow at the same time. While some hairs grow, others are resting. This makes grooming all the more necessary.
As a result, my friend is actually a great candidate for Laser Hair Removal as the benefits to getting the procedure double in his case. How so? Well, firstly the procedure, as we all know, will help him to avoid the razor bumps and rashes that plague him post-shave. But there is a secondary benefit to the treatment. Laser Hair Removal treatments have been known to synchronize hair growth.
That means that after a treatment, the hairs in the treated area are all drawn in to the same phase of growth. Therefore, hairs begin growing at the same rate and in the same phase. This makes it so that people who wish to shave and groom themselves less will have a much easier time doing so. For those who wish to do away with shaving together, this is also a benefit.
Laser Hair Removal treatment essentially doesn't work on hairs that are in the resting phase of the growth cycle. Once hairs are all in the same cycle and growing at the same rate, it makes future treatments that much more effective. No more shaving means no more razor bumps and irritation. But easier grooming is also a great benefit to those with sensitive skin.
Most patients notice significant hair loss results after just one treatment. Sometimes the results are apparent immediately. In other cases, it takes a few weeks for the total removal of hair. This, of course, requires approximately four to six treatments depending on the amount of hair you wish to remove. However, your hair growth cycles also play a part.
Although Laser Hair Removal has been widely successful, the quickness of its results is different for everybody. As mentioned, this depends greatly on the stage of the follicle growth cycle and how much hair growth was stimulated by synchronization.
Dr. Craig Crippen MD ABPh DPD

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