Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Methods of Permanent Hair Removal

For people who feel their body hair is unsightly or just unwanted, permanent hair removal solutions are often the best options. Waxing, tweezing, shaving and using depilatory creams repeatedly can cause skin irritation, takes time out of your day and will end up, in the long run, costing you as much as laser hair removal or electrolysis. Almost everyone has an some body hair that they would like removed and investing the time and money to have the hair removed permanently is usually the best option.

laser hair removal Once only women would consider using hair removal methods, but today more and more men have been looking into removing their hair permanently. Modern men are expected to keep their body hair trimmed and neat and taking the time to do this regularly is extremely time consuming, and well, annoying. Permanent hair removal solutions are very appealing to men for this reason alone. Also, because of the growth in the industry, permanent hair removal Denver prices have dropped significantly putting the treatments within reach for most people.

The three most common methods of permanent hair removal are electrolysis, medication, and laser hair removal. These are the methods that have been proven to actually remove unwanted hair permanently. Although these methods are effective, if will take more than one session to remove the unwanted hair. With laser hair removal and electrolysis, the most common treatment time for a medium sized area on a person with average hair growth is about 6-12 sessions. Medication is a different treatment plan all together.

Hair Removal Medications
Medicine is sometimes used in the treatment of excessive hair growth. The drugs used for lessening hair growth are not all a technically permanent solution, but they will prevent or lessen hair growth while the patient is taking the medication. The medications work by reducing the levels of androgen and, or testosterone in the body. When the body produces too much or either or both of these two hormones excessive hair growth occurs. Altering the body's chemistry does not come without risk. Always ask your physician before taking these types of medication and check for negative drug reactions while taking them.

Laser Hair Removal
Hair removal treatments that employ lasers are designed to permanently remove the hair in the treatment area. The laser is used to introduce light waves to the treatment area destroying the hair follicles. Depending on the laser and intensity, the hair in the treatment area will either be reduced or removed completely. If the hair is dark and thick or if your skin is very dark, the treatment will only be able to lessen hair growth, not remove it all together. The cost of Denver laser hair removal treatments varies widely depending on the treatment area (size and ease of access), skin type and hair density. You can count on most treatment areas requiring at least 6 sessions to see lasting results.

This hair removal method is highly technical but extremely effective. The hair removal technician performing this procedure destroys hair follicles by inserting a needle into the opening of the hair follicle and introducing a small amount of electrical current to remove it. The heat destroys the hair follicle once and for all. Electrolysis is very effective, but is painful and takes a much longer than some other hair removal methods.

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